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Good soil is loosely packed together and has small holes in it through which air, nutrients, and water can reach the roots. Over time, the soil becomes compacted and these pathways are blocked off- cutting off nourishment to the roots. Compaction can occur from frequent foot-traffic, poor soil, or uneven ground that does not drain well. This results in an unhealthy lawn with a weak and shallow root system.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration punctures the soil to create small holes and allows nutrients to sink deep into the ground. It helps to break up compaction and prevent thatch buildup. The result is a vibrant lawn with healthy, well-rooted grass.

What is Overseeding?

Lawns can develop bare spots, lose color, and overall look worn out as time passes. Some older varieties of grasses are more prone to disease and insects, requiring more water, pesticide, or fertilizer to maintain.

Overseeding is a great solution for all of these issues and more. Overseeding is when new grass seeds are planted into a lawn without removing the existing turf or soil. Modern grass varieties that are more resilient to disease, need less water, and can handle heavy foot traffic are often used, saving you money in the long run. Overseeding will leave you with a full and dense lawn that is rich with color!

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