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Mulch, Why Your Yard Shouldn’t Go Without It

No one can deny that a freshly mulched yard looks fabulous. It outlines shrub, tree, and flower beds beautifully, giving your yard a well-trimmed look and feel. What most people don’t know is it also has great benefits for your yard and lawn more than just looks. Mulch can be a treasured commodity for your trees’ health and care as it helps insulate the soil, providing a buffer from the harsh, hot, and cold seasons. In the summer, mulch can help retain water up to 75% in the soil so roots stay moist, giving your trees more time to soak it up. Mulch encourages worms that aerate and fertilize soil. It also helps stop weeds from being able to spread their own roots in competition with your trees.

Mulch is important, but it’s also time-consuming to lay down and there are so many distinct kinds. Which one do you use? From organic and inorganic, here’s a list of a few diverse kinds:

  • Bark chips hold moisture great and slowly break down over time. Usually laid out in yearly intervals, this is one of the most common types of mulch that adds a great look to any yard. They last a long time and come in a variety of colors, giving your plants not only great nutrients but a sharp look too.

  • Pine Straw is budget friendly and supports rapid growth of grass and small plants. It breaks down rather quickly and offers a quick solution to small mudded areas of trouble by providing structure for roots to take form.

  • Wood shavings are great for water retention until they break down, which they then leave behind wonderful nutrients for your plants and trees that encourage awesome growth.

  • Coco hulls, not only is this a great looking organic mulch, it’s actual coco bean shells, and yes that chocolate smell comes with it. It’s very beneficial to soil as it carries great nutrients for flowers and vegetables.

  • Grass clippings are great because they are totally organic and recycled from your own yard. The down side to grass clippings is that they don’t have as nice of an appearance or life span as mulch, and they break down rather quickly. They do offer decent nutrients and are easily accessible, however.

  • Stones have a great aesthetic look to them and range in many assorted sizes and colors. Whereas stones and pebbles are great at keeping weeds at bay without pesticides, they don’t retain water as well. They do set part different areas of your yard beautifully with an array of eye-catching designs.

  • Plastic mulch, or plastic sheets, are laid out over landscaping with slits cut where plants will be. It offers great temperature control all year round, suppresses weeds, and retains water underneath easily.

  • Wood chips are another highly popular type of mulch, slightly heavier than bark chips they offer a lot of the same benefits with less likely of a chance of floating away. They break down slowly and look great in many places in landscape design.

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